Sri Rama under the benign gaze of Guru Vasishtha

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Four Purusharthas

Everybody accepts that the total development of man should cover all the four dimensions, viz., Sharira, Mana, Buddhi, and Atma. The westerners and materialists also accept this. But then where is the difference in our acceptance and theirs?

When we consider body is to be developed, it is not merely physically but also mentally and intellectually. We should not think, “Why should I care for the body? Caring for it is materialistic. There are many who starve or mortify themselves beyond limits in the name of vratas. This is not a correct attitude. It is counter-productive.

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Wed, 06/30/1999
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The Work Before Us

The Role of Vivekananda Kendra International

Vivekananda Kendra International is the third step in the growth and evolution of the great mission initiated by Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade . The first was the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari. The second was the work of Vivekananda Kendra at the National level. Today we are celebrating the fruition and fulfilment of the third step -- Vivekananda Kendra International. These remind us of the three long strides taken by Vishnu, 'the Trivikrama', in his Vamana Avatara. The parallel is highly significant.