Sri Rama under the benign gaze of Guru Vasishtha

The natural and inborn trails of Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughna were futher moulded by guru Vasishtha.

They were modest, glorious, all-knowing and farsighted (Valmiki R/I/18/34-35). The children were attached to their studies, devoted to the service of their parents and were well versed in the science of archery.

The education the children received, especially Sri Rama, from Vasishtha, was multi-streamed. Personal good conduct and character, the social norms, were all taught. They were told about the glory of the Ikshwaku dynasty of which Sri Rama was a descendant.

The role of a ruler in the society as an unholder of Dharma and as the protector of the people was emphasized. The art of good governance, justice, taxing, diplomacy and welfare came in for detailed study.

The philosophy of Advaita in all its depth and glory was taught to Sri Rama by the Guru. The pupils were appraised of the many ups and downs to which a human life is subjected. They were trained to make use of opportunities and take adequate precautions against adversities.

The treatment of sages, elders, relatives, friends, citizens and foes, deference to ministers and counsellors were subjects of special study. Working for the all-round prosperity of the people and the county at large and the methods of taxing the people without unduly exploiting them were taught to the growing princes. The Gurukula study under the able Guru.

Vasishtha and other ministers, sages and teachers, equipped Sri Rama and his brothers with the skill to utilize fully the opportunities Destiny had placed before them, and to face the challenges with which human life is fraught.

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