The Four Blessed Children With Their Mothers

In the twelfth month after the Putrakameshti Yaga (Valmiki R/I/18/8-9), Kausalya gave birth to a son on the Navami of the bright half of the month of Chaitra. The presiding star was Punarvasu. The time of birth of the child was most auspicious.

Kaikeyi gave birth to a son under the star Pushya. Sumitra delivered twin sons under the ASLESHA Nakshatra. On behalf Dasaratha, Vasishtha named the eldest son RAMA. Kaikeyi's son was named Bharat. The first son of Sumitra was named Lakshmana and the other Shatrughna.

There were widespread celebration feeding the public and offering gifts to mark the delightful occasion. The sacred rituals were observed. Sri Rama the eldest was exceptionally glorious, beloved of all, and became an adept in warfare. He excelled in archery. He was ever devoted to the service of his father.

Lakshmana was ever attached to Sri Rama and was Sri Rama's other self-alter ego. These two shared their hours of learning and training and moments of happiness and joy. Bharata and Shatrughna were similarly attached to each other. Whether it was a hunting trip, or a dainty dish to be partaken, the two paris were inseperable companions ever in high spirits, in the fullness of their energy and enthusiasm.

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