Prof. Sailendra Nath Dhar

Late Prof. Sailendra Nath Dhar - S N Dhar, was born in 1897 at Rajshahi (Bengal), and was educated at his native place and in Calcutta. He taught History, Political Science and International Relations in educational institutions affiliated to a number of Universities, such as the Punjab, Allahabad, Agra, Delhi, Calcuatta and Jadavpur. Of his fortyfive years of service, twenty-seven years were spent in Indore as the Head of the History Department, Holkar Collage and brief periods as teh first-ever Secretary of the Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Bharat, Gwalior and as the Additional Controller of Examinations, Calcutta University. Prof. Dhar was a pioneer among researchers in India on International Relations, his first major work on the subject, namely, Europe Between Two World Wars, 1918-39, being published in 1951. His other publications on the subject include Atomic Weapons in World Politics and International Relations and World politics since 1919. Commenting on the last-named work The Times Literary Supplement London, observed as follows : "He has a balanced outlook on international affairs and he strives consistently to preserve an objective detachment in his treatment of very controversial issues."

Since its very foundation and for many year Prof. Dhar was a member of the Indian History Congress. He was for some time a member of the Indian Historical Records Commission, Govt. of India, and of the Indian Political Science Conference. He attended many meetins of these bodies and read papers in them. He acted as the Local Secretary at the Indore session of the Indian Historical Records Commission. During his long career as teacher, Prof. Dhar contributed numerous articles to learned magazines.

Prof. Dhar merged with the spirit of Swami Vivekananda on 3rd March 1995 at 4.30 A.M. leaving behind this monumental work.