India's Contribution to World Thought & Culture

India's Contribution to World Thought & Culture
India's Contribution to World Thought & Culture
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The volume carries detailed articles on India's Culture contacts with Tibet, Central Asia, China, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, Japan, Afghanistan, Ceylon, Nepal, as well as far away sores of Siberia, Koria and the phillipines, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America.

Shree Lokesh Chandra acted as the Eiditor of the Volume and Shri Devendra Swaroop, Sitaram Goel and Swarjya Prakash Gupta were the co-editors. Shri R. C. Majumdar the eminent historian, wrote the Foreword, commending the Volume. He said, contraty to the generally held belief, Hinduism has been taking its ideas across its borders and Puranic form of Brahminical religion was also spread in all parts of Asia. The Role of Swami Vivekananda, according to Dr. R. C. Majumdar, was to revive the spirit of ancient Hindus, though India had to wait for a full one thousand years for such a missionary to appear on its soil. The Volume itself, avers Dr. Majumdar, reminds us of our historical role.

In the book, many articles give a broad survey of India's contacts with many stretches of regions and discuss specific items of culture such as medical sciences, art and architecture, geographical nomenclature borrowed from India, articles on India's maritime contacts, shipping and trade contacts with various countries are discussed. Dr. Majumdar concludes his note by saying that this volume is a testimony to the greatness of India.

A survey of the articles reveals that in all there are 69 articles running to 705 pages with two special sections, one on Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee and the other on Swami Vivekananda's life and mission. A number of colour pictures, black and while photographs and sketches and line drawings adorn its pages.

The book was released 31.10.1970 by
Shri G. S. Pathak Vice President of India at Kanyakumari
as part of 8 week long celebrations (31/10 was the concluding day).

Complimentary copies were sent to eminent persons and embassies. The Mysore University made an offer to translate the contents into Kannada.

Excerpts from reviews of Inida's Contribution to World Though and Culture.

Grand - a unique publication reflecting the Vivekananda sprit in all its pages.
- Dr. P. Nagarja Rao : The Astrological Magazine

The volume will remain for long a standard work of the influence of Indian culture on the world.
- Prabuddha Bharat – Jan. 1972 by prof. Tripura Shenkar Sen Sastri.

The sacred speechlessness which Vivekananda's statue at Kanyakumari may generate in the visitor will transform itself into a charming awareness of what Swami stands for as the reader turns a few pages of this volumes.

The valuable compilation is a proud reminder of the vitality of a culture which overwhelmed millions of people beyond India and continued to feed generations with a sense of being and a purpose for living, notwithstanding the changes in the socia-political spheres ..............This volume will accelerate the pace and bring home to many the truth, beauty and happiness in Indian thought whose backbone as spot-lighted by Swami Vivekananda is still in tact.
- Nagpurtime : 26-9-71 : by G. M. Deshpande.

Magnificent production, one of the greatest tributes which could be paid to him was the compilation of what India has done in the past in spreading its message of peace and good will.
- Hindustan Standard 25-4-1971

Beautiful book, an attempt to furnish authentic knowledge on the spread of Indian culture abroad. The editors have tried to present an integrated view of Indian culture.
- Dharmayug 15-8-71 by Mr. Motichand (Translated from Hindi)

Valuable, magnificent, instructive, a commendable task. This volume is certainly a monumental effort to enlighten the readers and impress upon them the rich inheritance which India can boast of and her continued contribution through the ages of an equally valuable inspiration to others.
- Swarajya 15-5-71 by K. Chandrasekharan

Unique way of presenting advertisements. An unparalleled collection of articles on the subject not only for the scholar and the seeker but also for the researcher. A cheaper edition should be published in Hindi.
- Navabharat Times 2-5-1971 : Lallan Prasad Vyas (Translated from Hindi)

A monumental production, ambitiously planned and worthily executed, wealth of pictures and treasure of ideas.
- Vedanta Kesari – September : 1971

India will rise once again when her people realise that material possession alone do not bring any enduring peace and happiness.
- Times of India August 15 shri H. D. Sankhalia

Sumptuous in bulk, sublime in contents, amazing in its range of subjects and choice of writers from all over the world, is an eloquent testimony and fitting tribute to the greatness of Vivekananda.
...... The survey is comprehensive and detailed in its description.
- The Hindu 6-6-71 Dr. P. Nagaraj Rao

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