Glorious India : Samartha Bharath - 1

Glorious India : Samartha Bharath - 1
Glorious India : Samartha Bharath - 1
Glorious India : Samartha Bharath - 1
Glorious India : Samartha Bharath - 1
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This book is published by Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trust, Chennai in the year 2004. It happened to come to me through Gauri Didi (Via Balramji) who is rendering her services untiringly for past 20 years in and around Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Presently she is at Arun Jyoti, Tinsukiya which is near to our Ramakrishna Mission School Narottam Nagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

I Thank Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trust, Chennai for publishing such important latest facts about India and expect more in future. I sincerely thank those who persuaded me to write my opinion about the book. The request was a long back but due to too much devotion to my job, I forgot to jot it down earlier. Today I read my own chit dated 9/8/10 written over it “To write opinions about Glorious India.” Today is that 9/8/10 before you.

In a first glance itself, I thought, ‘I got what I wanted to keep my students motivated and busy with’. Every day I am personally typing one page of the book to display on the notice board of our school and Hostel. After repeated perseverance, students got the taste to read it every day, the facts they never knew, about India before. Some times in Stop-gap period I took the book to the respective classes and explained the job opportunities available in India, as well as advantage of being an Indian, the culture we get in heritage from our parents. They listen very carefully with full concentration and anxious mind. As if they have discovered the things, which they were looking for years together. Now it has become an addiction for the students to read with great assimilation, new fact every day.

It also eased the psychological environment in the hostel. Some of the students, exhibited miraculous improvement, who were feeling disturbed and disheartened due to their poor academic performances. Now they have become optimistic, enthusiastic and obedient students. They found new charm in their life which they otherwise felt hazy. We could win their hearts back, infused love and mutual trust. No doubt, this will turn them into a valuable asset for the society in future.

This approach helps me to keep the overall attention of the students focused on their respective dreams. It ultimately helps smooth running of the school & hostel for which we had to give more energies before. Now at present, we along with our students and teachers, are in a bliss. Every activity related to, at least Higher Secondary School and Hr. Sec. hostel has become a soothing affair. We won hearts of our students in a true sense. Now we can make out of them anything. Rest assure, the future of India is “Glorious”, provided every one of us contribute his/her part in order to help out our students/people around us, on the line of goodness. For that tremendous unflinching faith in oneself first and then next in Swami Vivekananda’s guidance is a must.

Tribal students here can judge sincerity of any person very quickly. They are intuitive, sharp by nature and innocent at heart. They could understand the motive and sincere efforts behind making this kind of information available. Thus their vision to look at RKM Narottam Nagar has changed drastically in positive direction. They loved Ramakrishna Mission before also. Now they revere Ramakrishna Mission. They started feeling at home, in every routine of the school as well as hostel. They started enjoying every bit of regular routine which otherwise was a boring thing till yesterday. They learnt to use every bit of time for their academic and moral excellence. This is character building. They knew the significance behind all routines, punctuality, blows from the world i.e. to help students to get more joy in future life and art of mental adjustment. Now if we scold any student for a mischief or offence he does not feel hurt. Rather feel thankful to point it out to them.

Here I remember Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda).
1. “Be good and Do good, that is the whole of religion”.
2. “Goodness pays but people do not have patience to belief in it”.

My experiments with book “Glorious India” is the proof of Swamiji’s above sayings. Swamiji is a Brahmajnani, all knower. His every word is bound, bound, bound to come true. Then what anxiety remains to worry about?

One thing more – As the days are passing, more carefree I am feeling by doing (whatever may be in future) my job with utmost sincerity and devotion. Great job satisfaction comes out of it. Mind remains calm in duality of life. It helps me to guide myself and others in exact direction with least side effects. It seems whole world is ready to carry orders. Whole world is trust worthy. I feel free from anxiety regarding India’s future problems. Solutions will succeed the problems, then why and what to worry? At this juncture of my life, I feel blessed. I feel blessed to be useful to our students, whoever little it might be. I learnt how to love my students. I am enjoying my monasticism.

- Yours in Swami Vivekananda
Swami Supradiptananda
Vice-Principal, Ramakrishna Mission School,
At- Narottam Nagar, Po-Deomali,
Dt. – Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh – 786 629, India.

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