Marx and Vivekananda : A comparative Study

Marx and Vivekananda : A comparative Study
Marx and Vivekananda : A comparative Study
Marx and Vivekananda : A comparative Study
Marx and Vivekananda : A comparative Study
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Marx and Vivekananda makes an attempt to compare and contrast the life, message and mission of these two great men. The book is divided into eleven chapters. The first one explains the relationale of the study in the present context. the next two chapters deal with background and formative influences respectively. The fourth and fifth chapters are devoted to an understanding of the live-sketches of the two men and their philosophical perspectives. The rest of the book, except the last two chapters, deals with salient aspects of the teachings of Marx and Vivekananda in areas in which they have made their contributions. The last but one chapter is a study in comparison as well as contrast of the personality characteristics of these outstanding men. The final chapter is an attempt to evaluate their impact on humanity to this day.

Even though this is the first book of its kind to be published either in India or abroad, the author has made special efforts to substantiate all his findings and statements with quotations from writers, thinkers and scholars of national and international repute. Throughout the book, he has maintained an objective and academic approach. The nature of the book has been aptly summed up by Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer in his in his Foreword thus: "Being in a seasoned cultural campaigner familiar with, but not falling for, the thought of the Left, the author handles a comparativist theme where an oriental spiritual secular tornado, Vivekananda, and an occidental materialist humanist volcano, Karl Marx, are the heroes."

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