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Yuva Bharati July 2013

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V.Senthil Kumar
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Editorial 03
Swami Vivekananda answers
our questions-6 06
Wisdom through Stories told by Swami
Vivekananda-6 08
Obsession And Transcendence -5 10
Vivekananda On Schopenhauer 14
Swami Vivekananda's historic meditation
on the Sreepada Shila in Kanyakumari 16
Uma & Aum 26
Of Language, Genes and Shiva's Drum:
a 2013 Update on Aryan Question 28
New Hope Dawns For Cancer Patients!!
Cancer Is Curable!
Cancer Is Preventable! 33
Yuva bharati - 1 - July 2013
Invocation Invocation
Yuva bharati - 2 - July 2013
गलेऽवल+«य लि+बतां भजqगतqगमाÎलकाम ् ।
ु ु
डमqडमqडमqडमि7ननादवqडमवय ं
चकार चÞडताÞडवं तनोत नः Îशवः Îशवम ् ॥१॥

(My Prostrations to Lord Shiva, the description of whose great Tandava Dance sends a thrill of Blessedness
through the Devotees)
1.1: From His Huge Matted Hair like a Forest, is Pouring out and Flowing down the Sacred Water of the
River Ganges, and making the Ground Holy; on that Holy Ground Shiva is dancing His Great Tandava ;
1.2: Supporting His Neck and Hanging down are the Lofty Serpents which are Adorning His Neck like
1.3: His Damaru is continuously Weaving out the Sound - Damad, Damad, Damad, Damad - and filling the
Air all around,
1.4: Shiva Performed such a Passionate Tandava; O my Lord Shiva, Please Extend the Auspicious Tandava
Dance within our beings also.
It is time for a moratorium on ….
You decide.
Yuva bharati - 3 - July 2013
he month of May mostly brought us anguish and heart
burn: for some for the right reasons but for many for
non-issues. Chinese intrusion inside the sensitive
Ladakh region and Maoist massacre at Chattisgarh should
have made Indian psyche burn in anguish. And Indian
collective mind did burn and it did for IPL Cricket scandals.
Such is the stranglehold of Cricket in the minds of Indian people.
China has been making systematic plan of weakening Indian geo-political advantages
in the region. Apart from the 'String of Pearls' the network of Chinese military and
commercial facilities around Indian Ocean which effectively neutralizes the naval
advantage that India has over China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean, now China has
also connected a strategically important Pakistani port Gwadar port via rail, road and
air routes. This makes it possible for a China-Pakistani coordinated encircling of India
through a naval network. The deal was signed by the authorities of two nations May this
year – when Indians were enthralled in a voyeuristic pursuit of IPL scandal over that
colonial hangover called cricket that is more a gambling than a game – even in its pre-
degenerate days when it used to be played without cheerleaders in miniskirts.
Maoists have been launching deadly attacks on our security personnel, democratic
setup, using every weakness and corruption in our polity luring the frustrated and
righteously angry youths as well as marginalized tribals into their ranks. On the day of
the recent massacre perpetrated by Maoists, the social networks of Indian cyberspace
buzzed more with IPL scandal than with this inhuman barbaric attack committed by a
section of our own people on us. Can one think of US cyberspace talking about a
baseball scandal on 9/11 evening? Welcome to the modern mind of India where the
opiate of a colonial game makes people worry more about the scandal in the gambling
lanes of their metro-cities than their own kith massacred in the killing fields of
Bollywood-cricket-human auctioning-millions of rupees- obscene consumerism: it is all
heavy heady cocktail for the terrorist network, next door and inside India, which has
already taken strong roots in the shadowy financial world of Bollywood. Dawood and
his boys would have to be moronic imbeciles if they are not using this brew to boost their
operations and control over the financial empires of India. And they have definitely
done a perfect job – even as our middle class cheered with meaningless jingles the action
of the greased palms in the cricket creases.
Let it be said that cricket has for long sucked the vitality of our national youth, drained
our national resources mercilessly and has imposed itself on our collective psyche like a
demon. Think of the unsung heroes and heroines of other sports and games. See the way
Chinese and Japanese sports and games are promoted worldwide and see just how
much attention Kabadi gets. In fact Kabadi is the naturally evolved sports of this nation.
It unites India in a way we have never given its due. If one has seen the players belonging
to any state – Punjab or Gujarat or Tamil Nadu- before entering the field instinctively
touching the soil and venerating the Mother Earth, one would surely understand how
much of a civilizational value that game represents. Promoting Kabadi internationally is
promoting also Indic values and cultures worldwide. But where is the money? Where is
the media limelight that is due? It has all gone into that colonial drain called cricket
which now also finances Dawood to plot further massacres of Indians.
Or wrestling: It is one of the most beautiful games in the world. It is about flexibility and
strength. It is a scientific game. It is not barbaric as boxing where the players routinely
spend the evenings of their lives immobilized and privacies of their lives as socially
hostile individuals. But in India wrestling has been nurtured as a spiritual tradition. The
Akharas with Hanuman as the spiritual Guru of the sports, has created a vibrant
network of logistics for the players throughout India. When the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) decided to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics games, where was
the outrage that should have been there in India? It was missing because all sports
energy has been channelized into that colonial game called cricket.
Or Hockey: India was once the best team in hockey in the world, and The Indian men's
field hockey team is the most successful field hockey team in Olympic history with 8
gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals. However we and our media notoriously let hockey
fade from our attention. Where was the national euphoria when India beat France in
2012-Olympic qualifier hockey with a resounding 8-1? Where did vanish the media lime
light and adulation for Sandeep Singh, who scored against France five goals – including
a hat-trick? Where was the national outrage, when hockey player Dhanraj Pillay was
Yuva bharati - 4 - July 2013
humiliated by powers of petty politics which systematically destroyed hockey in India?
When was the last time one saw a hockey player endorsing a product in Indian
television channel?
Or Archery: How many of us remember the tragedy of Limba Ram – the boy from the
Ahari tribe of Rajastan who was nurtured by Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and who went on
to create world records and win gold medals for India in International Archery and
ultimately ended up living in the garage of an MLA when a shoulder injury –not
properly treated- affected his archery talents? Where are those advertisements which
featured Limba Ram – a worthy descendant of Arjuna and Rama- and where are those
posters which adore the youth hostels projecting him as a youth icon for millions of
Indian youths?
The simple answer is cricket swallows it all. Like a glutton cricket has lapped up all our
time, energy, money, and media light. In return it has given us degeneration, corruption
and scandals.
To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, even with the best of our efforts India can only be a
third rate cricket playing country but with a little more effort it can create the best teams
in hockey, chess, wrestling, Kabadi and archery. Then for Indian sports and games,
scandal shall become a rarity and Olympic medals in dozens a habitual reality.
Aravindan Neelakandan
Yuva bharati - 5 - July 2013
Swami Vivekananda answers our questions-6
(Words in Italics are by the compiler)
Compiled by
Nivedita Raghunath Bhide
Yuva bharati - 6 - July 2013
Question 6: What is
Bhakti? Can we call the
extreme attachment and
love for any person as
A n s w e r : I n
commenting on the
Sutra of Patanj al i ,
I s h v a r a
pranidhanadva, i.e.
"Or by the worship of
the Supreme Lord"--
B h o j a s a y s ,
"Pranidhana is that
s or t of Bha kt i i n
wh i c h , wi t h o u t
seeking results, such
as sense - enjoyments
etc. , al l works are
dedi c at ed t o t hat
Teacher of teachers."
Bhagavan Vyasa also,
when commenting on the same, defines
Pranidhana as "the form of Bhakti by which the
mercy of the Supreme Lord comes to the Yogi,
and blesses him by granting him his desires".
According to Shandilya, "Bhakti is intense love
to God." The best definition is, however, that
given by the king of Bhaktas, Prahlada: "That
deathless love which the ignorant have for the
fleeting objects of the senses -- as I keep
meditating on Thee -- may not that love slip
away from the heart!"
Love ! For whom? For the Supreme Lord
Ishvara. Love for any other being, however
great cannot be Bhakti; for, as Ramanuja says in
his Shri Bhashya, quoting an ancient Acharya,
i.e. a great teacher: "From
Brahma to a clump of
grass, all things that live
in the world are slaves of
birth and death caused
by Karma; therefore they
cannot be helpful as
objects of meditation,
because they are all in
ignorance and subject to
change." In commenting
on the word Anurakti
used by Shandilya, the
c o m m e n t a t o r
Svapneshvara says that it
means Anu, after, and
Rakti, attachment; i.e. the
attachment which comes
after the knowledge of
the nature and glory of
Go d ; e l s e a b l i n d
attachment to any one,
e.g. to wife or children,
would be Bhakti. We plainly see, therefore,
that Bhakti is a series or succession of mental
efforts at religious realisation beginning with
ordinary worship and ending in a supreme
intensity of love for Ishvara.
Question continues: So again a question arises in
the mind, who is Ishvara? What is definition of
Ishvara given by our Shashras?
Answer: Janmadyasya yatah --"From whom is
the birth, continuation, and dissolution of the
universe,"-- he is Ishvara --"the Eternal, the
Pure, the Ever - free, the Almighty, the All -
knowing, the All - merciful, the Teacher of all
teachers"; and above all, Sa Ishvarah
Yuva bharati - 7 - July 2013
anirvachaniya - premasvarupah --"He the
Lord is, of His own nature, inexpressible
Love." These certainly are the definitions of a
Personal God.
Are there then two Gods -- the "Not this, not
this," the Sat - chit - ananda, the Existence -
knowledge - bliss of the philosopher, and this
God of Love of the Bhakta? No, it is the same
Sat - chit - ananda who is also the God of Love,
the impersonal and personal in one. It has
always to be understood that the Personal God
worshipped by the Bhakta is not separate or
different from the Brahman. The Supreme most
is never either this or that but it is simultaneously
everything. For example the light is wave as well as
particles called photon. It works as wave as well as
particle. The Ishvara too is Nirguna and Saguna, is
impersonal and personal.
All is Brahman, the One without a second; only
the Brahman, as unity or absolute, is too much
of an abstraction to be loved and worshipped;
so the Bhakta chooses the relative aspect of
Brahman, that is, Ishvara, the supreme Ruler.
To use a simile: Brahman is as the clay or
substance out of which an infinite variety of
articles are fashioned. As clay, they are all one;
but form or manifestation differentiates them.
Before every one of them was made, they all
existed potentially in the clay, and, of course,
they are identical substantially; but when
formed, and so long as the form remains, they
are separate and different; the clay - mouse can
never become a clay - elephant, because, as
manifestations, form alone makes them what
they are, though as unformed clay they are all
one. Ishvara is the highest manifestation of the
Absolute Reality, or in other words, the highest
possible reading of the Absolute by the human
mind. Creation is eternal, and so also is
Ishvara. (Volume III page number 35-37)
Wisdom through Stories told by Swami Vivekananda-6
Compiled by
Nivedita Raghunath Bhide
Yuva bharati - 8 - July 2013
The Great Gautam Buddha: The knowledge of God is unimportant becoming
pure like God is our foremost duty.
(Words in Italics are by the compiler)
Buddhism is one of our sects. It
was founded by a great man
called Gautama, who became
di sgust ed at t he et er nal
metaphysical discussions of his
da y, a nd t he c umbr ous
rituals… He was also against
the tremendous priestcraft. He
preached a religion in which
there was no motive power,
and was perfectly agnostic
about metaphysics or theories
about God. He was often asked
if there was a God, and he
answered, he did not know.
When asked about r i ght
conduct, he would reply, "Do
good and be good." Once there came five
Brahmins, who asked him to settle their
discussion. One said, "Sir, my book says that
God is such and such, and that this is the way to
come to God." Another said, "That is wrong, for
my book says such and such, and this is the
way to come to God"; and so the others. He
listened calmly to all of them, and then asked
them one by one, "Does any one of your books
say that God becomes angry, that He ever
injures anyone, that He is impure?" "No, Sir,
they all teach that God is pure and good."
"Then, my friends, why do you not become
pure and good first, that you may know what
God is?"
Of course I do not endorse all his philosophy. I
want a good deal of metaphysics, for myself. I
entirely differ in many respects, but, because I
differ, is that any reason why I should not see
the beauty of the man? He was the only man
who was bereft of all motive power. There
were other great men who all said they were
the Incarnations of God Himself, and that
those who would believe in them would go to
heaven. But what did Buddha say with his
dying breath? "None can help you; help
yourself; work out your own salvation." He
said about himself, "Buddha is the name of
infinite knowledge, infinite as the sky; I,
Gautama, have reached that state; you will all
reach that too if you struggle for it." Bereft of all
motive power, he did not want to go to heaven,
did not want money; he gave up his throne and
everything else and went about begging his
bread through the streets of India, preaching
Yuva bharati -9 - July 2013
Further details: E-mail: [email protected] / Fax: 04652-247177. Visit us at : www.vkendra.org
S.No Name of Shibir Date Age group Camp
Spiritual Retreat (Eng & Hindi) 08 - 14 Aug 18 to 70
Yoga Shiksha Shibir (Eng & Hindi) 01- 15
Dec 18 to 60
for the good of men and animals with a heart as
wide as the ocean.
He was the only man who was ever ready to
give up his life for animals to stop a sacrifice.
He once said to a king, "If the sacrifice of a lamb
helps you to go to heaven, sacrificing a man
will help you better; so sacrifice me." The king
was astonished. And yet this man was without
any motive power. He stands as the perfection
of the active type, and the very height to which
he attained shows that through the power of
work we can also attain to the highest
To many the path becomes easier if they
believe in God. But the life of Buddha shows
that even a man who does not believe in God,
has no metaphysics, belongs to no sect, and
does not go to any church, or temple, and is a
confessed materialist, even he can attain to the
highest. We have no right to judge him. I wish I
had one infinitesimal part of Buddha's heart.
Buddha may or may not have believed in God;
that does not matter to me. He reached the
same state of perfection to which others come
by Bhakti -- love of God -- Yoga, or Jnana.
Perfection does not come from belief or faith.
Talk does not count for anything. Parrots can
do that. Perfection comes through the
disinterested performance of action. (Volume
IV page 135-136)
Swami Vivekananda saved Hinduism and saved India.
But for him we would have lost our religion and would not
have gained our freedom. We therefore owe everything to
Swami Vivekananda. May his faith, his courage and his
wisdom ever inspire us so that we may keep safe the treasure
we have received from him.
---C. Rajagopalachari.
Understanding Mind
Prof. P.T.Santha
Yuva bharati - 10 - July 2013
ach soul is potentially divine. The goal
is to manifest this Divinity within, by
controlling nature, external and
internal. Do this either by work or worship, or
psychic control or philosophy – by one or all
these – and be free. This is the whole of religion.
the ultimate goal of all religions is – reunion
with God .the methods of attaining the end of
religion are called yoga. karma yoga, bhakthi
yoga, Raja yoga Gnana yoga are the different
forms of yoga to suit the different natures and
temperaments of men.
One central ideal of vedanta is this Oneness.
We have to understand this entire universe as
one vast harmonious tapestry, that all
individuals are interrelated, each one having
certain responsibilities and duties to society.
Once I realise that my neighbour is not
different from me, I will naturally feel
extremely interested in my neighbour the
human body is the best example for this. Each
part of my body is differently shaped, each
doing a different job, yet I love them all.
Whether my hand gets hurt or head or little
finger-it is all the same-I am hurt. I live in every
part, when something happens to any one part,
the whole system is affected. Their joys are my
joy, their sorrows are my sorrow. The whole
universe is one mighty expression of the
Divine spark of Existence. Life is then seen as
one, expressing through diverse forms.
This large macro vision does not come
automatically .It has to be cultivated.
Developing a macro vision is the practical
need of the day. Times are rapidly changing.
The days of isolated wars are gone. An
incident happening in one part of the world
has repercussions all over the world. If an
atomic war happens, it will not be between
two super powers alone; all countries will
suffer at the same time. Today, all the nations
have been woven into one fabric. In the BG,
Arjuna was brought to see the shallowness of
his micro-vision, his self-centered view of life.
His vision expanded to a macro vision, with
the understanding that he is not single,
solitary individual, fighting against the world
of multiplicity, but that he is one with the
whole universe, one with the Lord who is the
cosmic Person. The whole universe arises in
Him, exists in Him and disappears in Him, just
as the waves rise in the ocean, play in the
Yuva bharati - 11 - July 2013
ocean, and disappear in the ocean the waves
are, in essence, not anything different from the
beautiful, serene ocean; ocean in dynamic play
is the waves. The oneness of the larger reality
of life was perceived by Arjuna.
We are in reality that Infinite Being, and our
personalities represent so many channels this
infinite reality is manifesting itself; the whole
mass of changes that we call evolution is
brought about by the soul trying to manifest
more and more of its infinite energy. Infinite
power and existence and blessedness are ours,
they are our own, we have only to manifest
them. The sage sees himself in all beings, the
same god living in all. Whomever you hurt you
hurt yourself; they are all you. through all
hands you work, through all feet you move-
you are the king in the palace, you are the
miserable beggar, in the ignorant and learned
;that's why we must not hurt others. The whole
universe is mine. It really means deification of
the world – give up the world as we think of it,
as we know it, as it appears to us –and to know
what it really is. Deify it; it is god alone
''ishavasyam idagamjagat''- whatever exists in
this universe is to be covered with the Lord.
See god in everything - in your wife, children,
in life, in death, in happiness, in misery, the
Lord is equally present. The whole world is
full of the Lord.
Vivekananda On Schopenhauer
Yuva bharati - 14 - July 2013
ere is an excerpt that expresses this
critical aspect of his genius taken
from his lecture delivered in London
in 1896 on “The Absolute and Manifestation”.
“The one question that is most difficult to
grasp i n underst andi ng t he Advai t a
philosophy and the one question that will be
asked again and again and that will always
remain is : How has the Infinite, the Absolute,
become the finite. I will now take up this
question, and in order to illustrate it, I will use
a figure.
Here is the Absolute (a), and this is the universe
The absolute has become the universe. By this
is not only meant the material world, but the
mental world, the spiritual world-heavens and
earths, an in fact, everything that exists. Mind
is the name of a change and body the name
compose our universe. This absolute (a) has
become the universe (b) by coming through
time, space and causation(c).
This is the central idea of Advaita. Time, space
and causation are like the glass through which
the absolute is seen, and when it is seen on the
lower side. It appears as the universe. Now
we at once gather from this that in the absolute
there is neither time, space, nor causation. The
idea of time cannot be there, seeing that there is
no mind, no thought. The idea of space cannot
be there, seeing that there is no external
change. What you call motion and causation
cannot exist where is only one. We have to
understand this and impress it on our minds,
that what we call causation begins after, if we
may be permitted to say so, the degeneration
of the Absolute into the phenomenal, and not
before; that our will, our desire, and all these
things always come “after” that. I think
schopenhauer's philosophy makes a mistake
in its interpretation of Vedanta, for it seeks to
make the will everything. Schopenhauer
makes the
will stand
in the place
o f t h e
a bs ol ut e .
B u t t h e
a b s o l u t e
cannot be
present ed
as will, for
w i l l i s
a n d
l and over
Professor William James
the line drawn above time, space and
causation, there is no change, no motion; it is
only below the line that external motion and
internal motion, called thought begin. There
can be no will on the otherside and will,
therefore, cannot be the cause of this universe.
The following words uttered by him are great
reveltions of a saint-prophet with deep
spiritual in sights. This excerpt is taken from
his lecture on “Realization” delivered in
London, on 29 October, 1896.
“I will read to you from one of the
Upanishads. It is called the
Katha Upanishad. Some of you,
p e r h a p s , h a v e r e a d t h e
translation by Sir Edwin Arnold,
called the 'Secret of Death'. In
our last lecture we saw how the
inquiry which started with the
origin of the world, and the
creation of the universe, failed to
obtain a satisfactory answer from
without, and how it then turned
Yoga Shiksha Shibir at Kashmir
Medium : Hindi Date : 15/07/2013 to 24/07/2013
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Any Physically and Mentally fit person in the age group of 18-60 years. The participant should be able
to perform various Yogasanas and exercises.
Enroll will be on first come first serve basis and Registration will end on reaching maximum intake
number i.e.50.
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i n w a r d s . T h i s b o o k
psychologically takes up that
suggestion, questioning into the
internal nature of man. It was
first asked who created the
external world, and how it came
into being . now the question is :
what is that in man which makes
him live and move and what
becomes of that when he dies?
The first philosophers studied
the material substance, and tried
to reach the ultimate through
that. At best they found a
per s onal gover nor of t he
uni ver s e, a human bei ng
immensely magnified, but yet to
all intents and purpose a human
being…. We see this universe as
human beings and our God is
our human explanation of the
Yuva bharati - 15 - July 2013
My faith is in the younger generation, the modern
generation, out of them will come my workers. They
will work out the whole problem, like lions.
Yuva bharati - 16 - July 2013
ave you ever heard of a young
unknown wandering monk doing
Dhyana to know the root cause of
the downfall of a great nation from its pinnacle
of spiritual glory to the depth of degradation?
Have you ever heard a young sanyasi with full
of vigour and vitality, doing Dhyana in the
midst of ocean, in an isolated spot, to plan for
the revitalisation of the dormant Hindu
Society, living like worms in the gutter water
under the tyranny of British rule.
Yes! It happened at Kanyakumari, the holy
Sreepadam of Bharat Mata where the three
oc eans meet t o was h Mot her ' s f eet
uninterruptedly from time immemorial.
That young monk was Swami Vivekananda
who reached Kanyakumari on 24 December
1892 after a long and strenuous journey
starting from Kolkata in the year 1888. In his
long and hazardous sojourn he visited most of
the holy places of North India and then came
down to south after covering the states of
Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Mysore and
Travancore Cochin. It was a great education for
the youthful Swamiji meeting people face to
face and knowing their trials and tribulations.
He had occasion to live with Kings, princes,
rich businessmen, intellectuals and also often
with common men. He could visit many of the
historical places of India and saw how many
Hindu temples, libraries and cultural centres
were wantonly destroyed by the unscrupulous
and barbaric muslim invaders. He also could
gauge to what extent India' s treasuries
containing precious wealth were looted by the
British rulers. He could see with his own eyes
how the masses of India are living in poverty
and disease. Swamiji's heart pained to see how
the english educated Indians were serving the
British masters, forgetting their own brothers
living in most pitiable condition.
He reached Kanyakumari with a very heavy
heart. He remembered his Guru Sree
Ramakrishna's words: “Naren, you have to do
Mother's work”. But Swami Vivekananda was
Swami Vivekananda's historic meditation on
the Sreepada Shila in Kanyakumari
not very clear about what his Guru had said
whi l e he was al i ve. Havi ng reached
Kanykumari, as a worshipper of Shakthi,
Swamiji decided to go to the temple of
Goddess Kanyakumari, one of the oldest and
wellknown places of Devi worship in the
southern part of India. He entered the temple
and prostrated before the deity, with tears
rolling down from his eyes and deep pain in
heart. He sat and prayed to the Goddess, “How
can I serve you, Oh Mother! Are you not able to
see the living condition of your children under
a unholy regime. Show me the way that I can be
an instrument in Thy hands, for giving them
freedom from the foreign yoke. Let my country
and my people regain their lost glory and
After having a face to face dialogue with
Mother, who was personified in the beautiful
Deity, Swamiji came out of the temple. What a
beautiful sight was waiting for
him! A long stretch of beach of
colourful sand, comprising red,
black and white spread out to the
far extent. Swamiji walked in the
beach for some time. He saw the
confluence (Sangam) of the three
oceans. Also he could see from the
beach, t he Rock, known as
Sreepada shila. He learnt from the
people moving around in the
beach that the Rock in the midst of
the ocean has a Foot print of
Goddess Parvati and local Hindus
visited the Rock during the
festival days. As he heard this he felt an intense
urge to go to the Rock and spend some time in
that isolated spot, in contemplation.
His urge was so intense that he jumped into the
sea and swam to the Rock, all alone, braving
the waves and sharks. He climbed over the
rock and saw the foot print of Goddess
Parvati. As he looked towards North, he could
see the vastness and feel the greatness of our
Motherland. Swamiji could visualise the
undivided Hindu Rashtra extending her
cultural domination by peaceful means from
Iran, Afghanistan to South East Asia.
Soon the young Swamiji fell into a deep
meditation. It was a meditation, not for his
own mukti, but for the salvation of an age old
nation and its people from the oppressive
foreign domination. Sri. P.Parmeswarnji,
writes in his preface to the book titled “Arise!
Awake!!” Swamiji's quest for the eternal
covers millennia of India's history at the
spiritual level which of course is, the true
source and strength of India in all its facets of
national life. Naturally, it is the saints and
sages, spiritual stalwarts whose appearance at
each turning point of our national life that
shaped our collective identity and made it
what it is. Not that India was lagging behind
other nations, in material advancement and
achievement, but the governing principle that
i nf l uenced al l such endeavours was
After three days and night of deep meditation,
Yuva bharati - 17 - July 2013
Swamiji regained his consciousness. The
epoch making Dhyana transformed the young
Sanyasi, from an ordinary monk to a world
teacher, to a great social reformer, an organizer
par - excellence, a spiritual dynamo. Yes!
Saviour of Mother India and her children has
arrived on the world stage. It was the
beginning of the erruption of a spiritual
volcano, which is going to unleash its hither to
hidden powers for the next several generation.
No power on the earth can stop it. It is the
power of “Shakti”, which wanted to work
through Swami Vivekananda”.
On reaching the mainland, when asked by
some curious people as to what was he doing
for such long time, he simply replied that the
world will come to know about it very soon.
But at Madras while he was talking to some of
his close disciples he said, “At Kanyakumari
sitting at the last bit of Indian soil, I hit upon a
plan”!. He further elaborated that his plan was
to organise the Hindus and awaken their
dormant spiritual power. During his long
wandering he could see the people of Bharat
are divided into various caste and groups.
Nowhere he saw unity among Hindus. He saw
not only a disorganised Hindu society but also
one which lost its spiritual moorings.
Therefore Swamiji's epic meditation on the
rock gave him the vision and mission for the
Swargeeya Eknathji Ranade, the spirit behind
the Vi vekananda Rock Memori al and
Vivekananda Kendra, while describing the
posture of the Statue installed on the
Memorial, said, “that it is a very unique
posture. I wanted it to be seen by all that the
Swamiji has just got up from his meditation
with full of determination to do something
great. Swamij i' s face and eyes reflects
“Gambeerya”(firmness), his erect body shows
the power of lightening, and his putting right
foot forward indicates, the onset of a spiritual
Swamiji felt that the time tested Vedanta
philosophy of onenss must be taken to the
west. There was no point in teaching this
y t o t he
s t ar vi ng
millions of
o u r
c ount r y.
What they
n e e d
ely is food,
w a t e r ,
s h e l t e r ,
clothe to
wear and
. Swamiji
said, “Yes,
I shall go to the West, where the materialism
rules. I will give the West, the message of
Vedanta and in turn get material help and
modern science and technology for our
countrymen who are in dire need of it.
On 11 September 1893, a Vedantic tidal wave
hit the Parliament of Religions at Chicago,
which was organised to show the supremacy
of the Christianity over rest of the world.
Swami Vivekananda, in his inaugural speech
of 2½ minutes duration set fire to the vast
assembly, which reverberated from one corner
to another corner of the world. The speech
mystified the whole audience and brought a
great attitudinal change in their mindset
towards Santana Dharma and particularly
about India. That day onwards, the Vedanta of
the Hindus took the center stage. From
Yuva bharati - 18 - July 2013
Chicago, the Vedantic tidal wave spread to
whole of America, Britan and France. Hither to
unknown Indian sub-continent turned into a
spiritual lighthouse for the humanity.
After his historic triumph over the west,
Swamiji returned to India in 1897 to a rousing
welcome given to a sanyasi hither to unknown
in the history of our nation. Seeing the
overwhelming reception given to him by the
people of Madras, Swamiji, while addressing
the vast gathering of young men and women
told; “For the next fifty years this alone shall be
our key-note-this, our great Mother India. Let
all other vain gods disappear for the time from
our minds. This is the only God that is
awake,our own race – “ everywhere his hands,
everywhere his feet, everywhere his ears, he
covers every thing.” All other Gods are
sleeping. What vain gods shall we go after and
yet cannot worship the God that we see all
around us, the Virat?. When we have
worshipped this, we shall be able to worship
all the other Gods….. what is needed is
chittashuddhi, purification of the heart. And
how does that come? First of all worship is the
worship of the Virat………. of those all around
us. Worship it ……… These are all our gods -
men and animals; and the first God we have to
worship are our countrymen. These we have
to worship, instead of being jealous of each
other and fighting with each other. It is the
most terrible Karma for which we are suffering
and yet it does not open
our eyes (CW-III 300-
E k n a t h j i R a n a d e ,
t heref ore very apt l y
adopted the Motto of
Vivekananda Kendra as
“Serve man- Serve God”,
with the twin objectives
of Man- maki ng and
Na t i on bui l di ng a s
envi saged by Swami
There is only one way of
organising the Hindu
s o c i e t y, t h a t i s b y
renderi ng Ni shkama
Seva and there by slowly awakening the
dormant divinity covered with impurity and
Vande Mataram
Yuva bharati - 19 - July 2013
T h i s p a g e i s s p o n s o r e d b y
S h r i Gi r i s h K . S h a h , A h me d a b a d
Yuva bharati - 22 - July 2013
Yuva bharati - 23 - July 2013
- Dr. K. Subrahmanyam
MA is cosmic mother, cosmic love
and cosmic energy. AUM is cosmic
sound, cosmic activity and cosmic
energy. Both UMA and AUM have the same
syllables. Only the placement of the syllables is
different. The syllables also signify different
Ain AUM is to denote creativity and
commencement of every action, physical,
psychological, intellectual and spiritual. U is to
signify the continuity of the action, sustenance
of the creation and the well being of the
cosmos. It indicates good governance as well.
M is for completion of the commenced activity
after its fulfillment. It is the ultimate
dissolution of all action. Because AUM
denotes commencement, continuation and
culmination of all activity, it is the very symbol
of cosmic action and cosmic energy. This is but
divine activity. It is God's work. God has three
letters: G for generating all energy and activity;
O for ordaining and organizing all commenced
activity at all levels; D for dissolving and
drawing into Himself everything that has been
generated and successfully organized. This
three-fold activity is performed as but a sport
by God, the Almighty. Since AUM symbolizes
God's activity, it is divine; it is pranava. It is the
source of all, the sustenance of all and the
summative end of all. Mythologically this is
presented as the divine duty of Brahma - the
creator, Vishnu – the Organizer and Shiva - the
lord of all dissolution. Everywhere, everybody
and everything is engaged in this three-fold
activity. If it is performed with pain and strain
it is human work. But the same if done with the
spirit of sportsmanship, it is divine and it is
yoga. Gods don't feel the strain of doing any
work. Similarly we too should not feel any
difficulty in performing any duty. To be so
engaged in the three-fold activity is called
karmayoga. It is but sport, enjoyable sport for
the Gods to create, to manage and to put an
end to every work.
Whether one likes it or not, one is subjected to
these three activities almost every day. For
example, we start to eat, we continue to eat and
Yuva bharati - 26 - July 2013
we complete the act of eating. Similarly, every
acti on, every day has a begi nni ng, a
continuation and a full stop. These activities
are to be made enjoyable. A sportsman enjoys
the game. Similarly, a Karmayogi enjoys the
performance of actions. What cannot be
avoided is often endured. But it is yoga if the
unavoidable is also enjoyed. The inevitable is
also enjoyable. And to enjoy, one should learn
to love the action. Actions become difficult or
otherwise depending upon our love and
commitment. That which is loved is easy and
sweet. That which is disliked is difficult and
abominable. Therefore, to transform all
activities into lovable, enjoyable and sweet
actions, we need to cultivate mother's love and
tireless encouragement. And that loving
encouragement is available in UMA. In UMA,
M or mother takes the central place in all
activities. Mother personifies all love. It is love
that is at the source of all activity and energy. It
is the central force and the vital energy.
Therefore, this loving energy is symbolized in
M or mother. And Mother is known for
encouraging all the activities of the children.
No mother ever dislikes any activity of her
children. Even the wrong activities of the
Children are lovingly set right by the
affectionate mother. She alone positively and
lovingly guides the children to do all the
activities righteously.
UMA is AUM but with a difference. The
culminating M in AUM is replaced by the
loving M or Mother in UMA. She does not
want any destruction to take place. She wants
to be always creative and continuous in action
infinitely. Therefore, in UMA, on one side of M
is U the symbol for creativity and on the other
side is A for healthy continuation. Thus,
creativity and governance are on either side of
the Mother as wings to be flying in the infinite
skies of eternity. There is no cessation or
dissolution in her loving arena of activity. She
always encourages creativity with U of nasal
nodding sounds of positivism and she
admires with exclamation every activity by
the nasal elongated sounds of A whatever the
children do. We are all but the children of the
cosmic mother UMA. Therefore, we feel
strong and encouraged in her love.
Swami Vivekananda is basically a spiritual
giant. His spirituality is flavored with
Mother's love, dynamic positivism and
committed encouragement. Spirituality is
conveyed in full through AUM and the same
spirituality is made sweet and easy for practice
and fulfillment by the love of the mother
UMA. Swami Vivekananda is a strange
combination of spirituality and its loving
practice. Imbibing the spirit of UMA's love
Swami Vivekananda has exhorted us all with
positive dynamism, dynamic creativity and
divine continuation. There is nothing negative
in him as the mother is not in favor of
anybody' s destruction, fall or failure.
Spirituality AUM is made easy and enjoyable
by UMA the loving Mother. Activity, loving
activity is eternal.
Great poets like Rabindranath Tagore admire
Vi vekananda becaus e of hi s l ovi ng
encouragement extended to all with Mother's
AUM is spiritual activity and UMA is the
same spiritual activity made simple, sweet,
easy and lovely because of Mother's affection.
Yuva bharati - 27 - July 2013
Be not in despair; the
way is very difficult,
like walking on the
edge of a razor; yet
des pair not, aris e,
awake, and find the
ideal, the goal.
very now and then a cry arises in
certain quarters of academic and
social-science establishments. “Aryan
invasion or migration scenario is true”. Then
subsequently further scientific researches
investigating the same would reveal that the
claims were not exactly based on scientific data
as initially sounded but rather on assumptions.
Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences of US of America (PNAS) recently
published a paper which deals with the
'deeper ancestry' of language across 'Eurasia'.
Incidentally 'Eurasia' is a new term now being
substituted for the 'Indo-European' just as how
'South Asian' is being substituted for 'Indian' :
It is an interesting sideline observation that just
like the word 'Hindu' now even the word
'Indian' or 'Indo' is also becoming allergic to
Western establishment. Now published May
2013 under the title 'Ultraconserved words
point to deep language ancestry across
Eurasia', the paper made some very interesting
Genet i c dat a s ugges t t hat
Dravidian populations could
represent an early expansion from
Central to Southern Asia that
almost certainly occurred before
the arrival of the Indo-Europeans
(24). Rooting the tree at the
mi dpoi nt al ong t he branch
leading to proto-Dravidian (Fig.
4B) yields an age for the origin of
the Eurasiatic super family of
14.45±1.75 kya [95% confidence
interval (CI) =11.72–18.38 kya].
Consistent with the Dravidian
expansion being ancient, the tree
makes proto-Dravidian older
t han prot o–I ndo- European
[although some scholars think
that the common ancestor of
c o nt e mpo r a r y Dr a v i di a n
languages is younger (25)]
Simply stated this particular passage proves
that the 'Dravidians' were here before the
arrival of 'Indo-Europeans'. How correct is
this scenario? If one looks at the paper one
knows that this is not a paper on population
genetics or a paper on ancient population
movements. On the other hand this is a paper
on how ancient languages evolved and it is
using a linguistic tool to analyze the linguistic
data. However when it makes presumptions
on the human movement it uses the previous
studies' genetic data. So it is based on the
scenario which the 'Genetic data suggest' that
t he paper st at es t hat t he ' Dravi di an
popul ati ons coul d represent an earl y
expansion from Central to Southern Asia that
Of Language, Genes and Shiva's Drum: a 2013
Update on Aryan Question
Aravindan Neelakandan
Yuva bharati - 28 - July 2013
almost certainly occurred before the arrival of
the Indo-Europeans'. The reference given here
is 24 which it turns out is a paper published in
Nature (2009) titled 'Reconstructing Indian
population history'. The authors are David
Rei ch, Kumarasamy Thangaraj , Ni ck
Patterson, Alkes L Price and Lalji Singh. The
paper essentially states that in India there are
two population groups 'Ancestral North
Indians' (ANI),which according to the paper is
genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central
Asians, and Europeans, and the other is the
'Ancestral South Indians' (ASI), which is as
distinct from ANI and East Asians as they are
from each other. The paper also goes on to say
that there seems to be a dominance of ANI in
the so-called 'traditionally upper caste people'.
In other words the paper seems to support not
only an Aryan or Indo-European migration but
also a racial basis to caste system which Indian
savants l i ke Swami Vi vekananda, Sri
Aurobindo and Dr.Ambedkar had staunchly
Further search brought out another paper
authored by researchers who had contributed
to the 2009 paper. Titled 'Complex genetic
ori gi n of I ndi an popul at i ons and i t s
implications' written by Rakesh Tamang, Lalji
Singh and Kumaraswamy Thangaraj the paper
was published in Journal of Biosciences in
2012. Here the authors go into the specific
question of the origin of ANI and ASI and
discuss whether these ancient population
gr oups c a n be c or r e l a t e d wi t h t he
'invaders/migrants' and 'natives/ancient
settlers' scenario put forth by the proponents of
Aryan invasion/migration theories. The paper
It is commonly believed that there
w a s a n A r y a n
invasion/migration to India from
the west. However, there is
prolonged debate on this topic. It
has been well established that
var i ous c as t e s and t r i bal
populations of India have a
c ommon l a t e Pl e i s t oc e ne
maternal as well as paternal
ancestry and minor east and west
Eurasian ancestries (Kivisild et al.
2003; Metspaluet al.2004, 2011;
Sahoo et al.2006; Sengupta et
al.2006; Chaubeyet al.2007,2008;
Reichet al. 2009; Shah et al.
2011;Sharmaet al. 2012). Most of
these studies presumed that the
detected west Eurasian gene pool
may be the Aryan component.
Interestingly, both the ANI and
ASI ancestry components of the
Indian populations are found to
harbour hi gher hapl ot ypi c
diversity than those predominant
in west Eurasia. The shared
genetic affinity between the ANI
component of northern India and
west Eurasia was dated prior to
the Aryan invasion (Metspalu et
al.2011). These realities suggest
t he rej ect i on of t he Aryan
invasion hypothesis but support
an ancient demographic history
of India.
In other words, the genetic data does not
suggest that either the ANI or the ASI
populations entered from outside India but
whatever genetic relation between ANI 'to
Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and
Europeans' suggested by the 2009 paper has to
be explained from an 'Out of India' scenario.
Interestingly this has serious paradigm
shifting implications for the 2013 PNAS paper
Yuva bharati - 29 - July 2013
presented earlier.
It should be remembered that for a long time a
very radically new scenario has been
presented by British geneticist Stephen
Oppenheimer. According to him after the
h u m a n
s p e c i e s
in Africa a
branch of
humani t y
left Africa
and entered
Indi a and
then spread
over to East
A s i a
i ncl udi ng
. Al mo s t
m a d e
extinct by a great natural calamity, this branch
of humanity got back to India and India sort of
became an incubator for the world populations
other than the original branch of humanity that
stayed back in Africa. While Oppenheimer has
put forward his speculative theory based on
various cultural, mythological, geological and
genetic data there are still many questions
remaining. However what seems to have been
validated in his thesis is the concept that India
was in deep past an incubator of a vast section
of humanity –genetically and perhaps also
Linguist Quentin D Atkinson of University of
Auckland (who incidentally is also a co-author
for the PNAS paper) tries to develop what he
calls 'phenotypic diversity' similar to genetic
diversity as a tool to measure the points of
origin and spread of ancient lanuages. He also
comes to the conclusion that apart from Africa
it is in 'South East Asia' that there is a lot of
diversity. (Phonemic Diversity Supports a
Serial Founder Effect Model of Language
Expansion from Africa, Science, 2011) This
i nt e r e s t i ngl y t a l l i e s wi t h S t e phe n
Oppenheimer's speculations. However he also
works within the old paradigm of Central
Asian or Anatolian origin of the so-called
Indo-European languages. The PNAS paper
(2013) despite working within the wrong
presumption of Aryan-Dravidian migration
into India scenario, (which in turn was based
on a preconceived reading of a 2009 paper),
has provided another important data on
linguistic prehistory – which is actually the
subject on which the authors of the paper are
experts. They have stated that the so-called
Aryan (Indo-European) and the Dravidian
languages have a common evolutionary
Interestingly if we shift the place of origin and
branching out of the ancient languages from
outside India to inside India, then we many of
the pieces of the puzzles seem to fit well. The
ancient Indian mythology that both Tamil and
Sanskrit the
t w o mo s t
a n c i e n t
languages of
I n d i a
ori gi nat i ng
from the two
sides of the
drum of Siva
may then be
a c t ua l l y a
t r ut h f rom
o u r o w n
a n c i e n t
The linguistic
Stephen Oppenheimer
Quentin D Atkinson
Yuva bharati - 30 - July 2013
data suggests that the so-called Aryan and
Dravidian languages have a common origin.
The genetic data suggests that there has been
an ancient out of India movement of Ancient
North Indian (ANI) people. Roughly if we are
to combine these two then we can say that both
the language families which produced Tamil
and Sanskrit had a deep origin here. Internal
dynamics within India and not external
invasion/migration made the evolutionary
divergence and convergence of Indian
languages whether they are Tamil, Sanskrit or
Pali. And more than the West likes to
acknowledge there has been a East to West
migration of both genes and languages.
For Further Reading:
 Mark Pagel, Quentin Atkinson,
Andreea S Calude and Andrew
Meade, Ultraconserved words point
to deep language ancestry across
Eurasia, PNAS, 2013
 Rakesh Tamang, Lalji Singh and
Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Complex
genetic origin of Indian populations
and its implications, Journal of
Biosciences, 2012
 Quentin D Atkinson, Phonemic
Diversity Supports a Serial Founder
Effect Model of Language Expansion
from Africa, Science, 2011
Yuva bharati - 31 - July 2013
The longest night seems to be passing away, the
sorest trouble seems to be coming to an end at last,
the seeming corpse appears to be awaking and a
voice is coming to us –away back where history and
even tradition fails to peep into the gloom of the
past, coming down from there, reflected as it were
from peak to peak of the infinite Himalaya of
knowledge, and of love and of work, India, this motherland
of ours –a voice is coming unto us, gentle, firm, and yet
unmistakable in its utterances, and is gaining volume as
days pass by, and behold, the sleeper is awakening! Like a
breeze from the Himalayas, it is bringing life into the almost
dead bones and muscles, the lethargy is passing away, and
only the blind cannot see, or the perverted will not see, that
she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep
long sleep. None can resist her any more; never is she going
to sleep any more; no outward powers can hold her back any
New Hope Dawns For Cancer Patients!!
Cancer Is Curable!
Cancer Is Preventable!
Cancer, as a di sease, was cal l ed by
Hippocrates, twenty five centuries ago,
KARKI NOI S, because t he cancer cel l
resembled the claws of a crab. It is called
'Karkata Roga' in Sanskrita. (Karkata means a
crab). Cancer arises from the abnormal and
uncontrolled division of cells that then invade
and destroy the surrounding tissues. The
dangerous or malignant stage comes, when the
cancer cell detaches from the primary growth
and travels to distant parts of the body and
start proliferating there. This is called
'Metastasis'. Cancer is the second common
cause of death in developed countries (like
USA), next to cardio-vascular (Heart and
blood vessel) diseases. In Europe and North
America approximately 20% of deaths is due to
Approximately 5, 00, 000 new cases of cancer
occur every year in India. It is the 6 leading
cause of death in India. Indian Cancer Society
states that 1.5 million people suffer from cancer
at any point of time in India. Incidence of
mouth cancer is the highest in India, because of
the habit of 'chewing tobacco'. 'Cervical
cancer' is the major cancer among Indian
women, because of lack of proper hygiene.
They use dirty rags instead of sanitary pads.
Breast cancer is the second largest cancer of
women in India.
Dr. Eli G. Jones, M.D, the great cancer
specialist of USA, whose miraculous cures
have been narrated in the following pages,
says t hat “CANCER I S THE LOCAL
DISEASE'. There can neither be found a
specific cure for cancer in all its forms. Cancer
in different parts of the body requires different
remedies and treatment. The rational
treatment is to adopt the remedies to the
disease in each particular patient. By
following these principles, Dr. Eli G. Jones has
cured 80% of the cancer cases.
In this article our focus is on 'Successfully
cured cancer cases'. Hence, we have not given
other details like causes of cancer, discuss
carcinogens, Radiation Therapy etc.
Preventive measures are:
1. Avoid smoking cigarettes
2. Avoid drinking alcohol
Swami Krishnananda
Yuva bharati - 33 - July 2013
3. Avoid excessive sun exposure
4. Avoi d usi ng bi rth-control pi l l s
5. Avoid using estrogens (except under
medical advice)
6. Avoid frequent intercourse
7. Limit pregnancies to 2 or 3
8. Avoid foods containing nitrites and
nitrates e.g. bacon and cured meats
9. Avoid colour additives
10. Wash insecticides of all fresh fruits and
11. Avoid artificial sweeteners e. g.
12. Live far away from polluted areas and
radi at i on cent res ( e. g. nucl ear
reactors), avoid frequent x-rays, C.T.
Scans etc.
Dr. Eli G. Jones, M.D's experience of over 40
Dr. Eli G. Jones, M.D, a U.S. pioneer in cancer
therapy had visited patients in 25 states of
kU.S.A. and has seen all forms of cancer. He
has cured 95% of cases, which came to him,
without undergoing any other treatment. He
has trained physicians in 'Cancer Therapy'
from Maine to California. He has a record of
cancer cases which have been cured for 15 to 25
years and there was no recurrence of the
disease. He found that SURGERY IS NOT A
CURE FOR CANCER and four-fifths of
surgically operated cases became WORSE
THAN BEFORE. Similar, aggravation of
disease was observed in cancer cases treated
by X-Ray, Radium, Escharotics, Hypodermic
treatment etc. For a record of his pioneering
work, ki ndl y refer hi s magnum opus
TREATMENT'. (to be read along with his
another famous book 'Definite Medication'.
Diet of cancer patients:
Pure vegetarian food is prescribed. Tomatoes
are good. Tomatoes contain cancer fighting
anti-oxidant Lycopene. Lycopene is a pigment
that gives tomatoes their red colour. Carrot is
also good as it contains beta-carotene (an anti-
oxidant). Tea and coffee are to be avoided.
Epsom salt bath best for cancer:
It is an important part of the treatment.
Raise the vitality of the patient:
Nourishing diet should be provided. Surgery
is to be strictly avoided.
Dr. Eli G. Jones has cured the most serious
medicines alone (without surgery).
This form of cancer is generally found on the
face, nose and lip.
Cancer of the lip:
If the cancer is confined to the lip and has not
invaded the mouth and the glands under the
jaw, it is curable.
There are 3 forms – the round cells, the spindle
cells and the third form originating in bone
and caused by an injury – the mycloiad, Osteo
Sarcoma was cured with Sulph-strychnine and
comp. syrup Phytolocca (internal use). Also
'Liver Pills' were given for cleaning the bowels.
Likewise, “Cystic Sarcoma of right leg above
the knee”; “Sarcoma on the right side of nose”,
were successfully cured (without surgery).
Cancers of Scrotum and Vagina were also
cured with similar medicines. Several
successful treatments of 'mouth and throat
Yuva bharati - 34 - July 2013
cancers' have been described.
In 1907, in USA, 2 out of 5 deaths from cancer
were from 'stomach cancer'. American people
eat too fast, do not chew the food enough.
They are also great meat eaters and heavy
drinkers of alcohol, tea and coffee and also
heavy smokers. These bad habits predispose
them to 'stomach cancer'. Acetic acid is the
remedy that dissolves cancer cells in the
stomach. It is used internally and also
Surgical operation in stomach cancer only
hastens the death of the patient.
Various types of homeopathic medicines were
used, depending upon the peculiarity of the
Most of the tumors in the bladder are
cancerous. For tenesmus, burning pain and
hemor rhage, t he l eadi ng remedy i s
Terebinthina Third Decimal Dilution. For
frequent urination, tincture equisetum
hyemali is the remedy. For the cancerous
growth tincture Thuja is given. Numerous
other remedies are also mentioned.
For pain, tincture eclinacea is prescribed. For
perpendicular enlargement of the liver
Tincutre Chelidionium is the remedy. If the
pulse is weak, sulphur strychnine one thirtieth
grain is given before each meal and at bed time.
T h e b e s t c u r a t i v e r e m e d y i s
CHLOESTIRINUM, third decimal.
Several successful treatments are mentioned.
Dr. Eli G. Jones has described several cases of
successful treatments of Cancer of Uterus;
Cauliflower cancer of uterus, Cancer of
Pancreas; Fibroid tumors; goiter (enlargement
of Thyroid gland); Ex-ophthalmic goiter etc.
1. Do not use medicated absorbent
cotton on a sore. Use only sterilized
absorbent cotton.
2. Never give whiskey and morphine. It
only feeds the cancer and makes it
grow faster.
3. A medicated bath is essential for
curing the patient.
4. Patients must walk out and breath
fresh air. Good pure blood depends
on pure air, pure food and pure water.
5. When a knife touches a cancer, it
grows faster. So, NO SURGERY TO
6. 50, 000 victims of cancer are dying in
USA every year. It is our duty to do
something for these poor sufferers.
Cure of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood
cancer) by homeopathic treatment (ref vital
informer, oct. 2002, p 5).
A young 15 years old female patient, Miss
Richa Agarwal, presented with low grade
fever anemia and generalized weakness. Her
laboratory reports from TATA MEMORIAL
HOSPI TAL, BOMBAY, on 13- 5- 2002,
diagnosed her to have 'Acute Lymphoblastic
Leukemia' on 15-5-2002. Dr. K.K. Goyal,
Homeopath of Agra, treated her on 26-5-2002
with Phosphorus o/1. Just after 20 days of
treatment, she started improving gradually.
On 8 July 2002, her complete blood counts
were within normal limits. AIIMS, New Delhi
did further investigations and on 17-7-2002,
her blood reports, general, physical conditions
are all normal and resemble that of an
absolutely healthy person.
The above doctor can be contacted at: Dr. K.K.
Goyal, 26, Shyam Nagar, Agra-282010, Phone:
Yuva bharati - 35 - July 2013
Si ddha Vai dyar, M. Shanmugham of
Tiruvallur has cured many cancer patients. A
few cases are narrated below:
1. 78 years old Kamala of Chennai had
breast cancer and both the breast were
surgically removed. But the cancer
had spread to lungs, bones and many
organs. Kamala came for Siddha
treatment when her cancer has
reached the terminal stage. But, she
was completely cured of cancer, after a
few months of Siddha treatment. Her
address is: Smt. Kamala, 2/34, D type
Sidco Nagar, Villivakkam, Chennai-
2. Thiru Elangovan had 2 ½” cancerous
growth on the cheek (like tumor).
Af t er a f ew mont hs of Si ddha
treatment, he was cured. After 10
years also he is keeping well. His
address is: Thiru Elangovan, 25/12-A,
Bhajanai Koil Theru, Pazhani Kottai,
Ar a k k o n a m, Ve l ur Di s t r i c t ,
3. T. Mohan Kumar (19 years old) S/o
Thiru Damodaran, 32, Perumal Koil
T h e r u , K a r u ma y a s a c h e r i ,
Thiruninravurpettai, Tiruvallur-
602024, Phone: 044-26851527. He
bel ongs t o Pat t abhi r am ( near
Chennai). He was operated for brain
cancer in a big hospital.. He went to
coma stage and lost the power to move
the limbs. Doctors told that he can live
for a maximum of 4 days only. In this
critical stage, the patient was brought
to Siddha Vaidyar M. Shanmugham.
He was admi ni s t er ed Si ddha
medicines. He could get up and walk
after a month. How he has been
totally cured.
4. Smt. Lalitha, Age 57 years, Plot No. 16,
A- 2 St reet , Raj eshwari Nagar,
Karambakkam, Porur, Chennai.
Phone: 044-24765816.
She had uterine cancer and was
treated in a big hospital. But, the
cancer could not be cured and was
brought to the Siddha Vaidyar in a
critical stage. After getting Siddha
treatment, she was cured within a few
5. R.V. Rajendran (T.V. reporter), Vaikkal
Pattarai, Pennandur, Rasipuram
Ta l uka , Na ma kka l . Ce l l No.
He was suffering from cancer of neck
and lungs and was treated in a big
hospital. Cancer was not cured and
was brought to Siddha Vaidyar in a
critical stage. After Siddha treatment
for a few months he was cured
6. B. Mayilsamy, Chinnampalayam,
Mudukkadu Thottam, Dharapuram
Taluk, Tiruppur distict.
He suffered from neck cancer. It was
not cured by surgery. But, the
cancerous growth increased. He was
cured by Siddha treatment.
7. Ekambaram, Age 68 years, 19/6,
Tirunavukkarasu Theru, Perambur,
Chennai-11 (Phone No. 25593612).
This patient was affected by throat
cancer and was treated in a big
hospital. There was no cure; he was
brought in a critical stage. He was
cured by 6 months Siddha treatment.
8. V. Devaki (age 21 years), D/o S.P.
Velayutham, No. 984, 29 Street, B.V.
Colony, Vyasarpadi, Chennai-600039.
She was suffering from stomach
Yuva bharati - 36 - July 2013
cancer and was treated with surgery in
a big hospital. It was not successful
and the doctors abandoned the
patient. The cancer started spreading
and all her limbs, face etc. began
swelling and she looked horrible,
because the whole body was swollen.
The doctors told that the patient will
not survive for more than 2 days.
Then she got Siddha treatment and
within 6 months she was completely
cured. Contact the above referred
Siddha Vaidyar at the following
address: Vaidyar M. Shanmugham,
65, Siddhi Vinayagar Koil Street,
Periya kuppam, Tiruvallur (P.S) &
Dist. Tamil Nadu, Pin: 602001. Cell No.
Reference: Nakkeeran, 27-2-2010,
Page 32.
This most striking herbal remedy for cancer
came from Papua New Guinea.
The ingredients are: Two or three leaves of Aloe
Vera; half a kilogram of honey; 4 table spoon
full of distilled liquor. Remove the thorns, cut
the leaves into small pieces. Put the leaves,
honey and liquor into a container and stir well
with a spoon. Your medicine is ready. Preserve
the medicine in a refrigerator or in a cool place.
You can take one tablespoonful 3 times a day
on an empty stomach ( at least about 15
minutes before meals). Take the medicine for
10 consecutive days and then stop it for 10
days. Again, take it for another 10 days.
Repeat this until you obtain total cure. Take
plenty of fruits. Pure vegetarian diet is
prescribed. One should drink plenty of water.
By this treatment, all types of cancers including
Leukemia are cured. This remedy is also good
for ulcers, psoriasis, rheumatic pain, varicose
veins etc. This medicine is also a preventive
for cancer. (Reference: Health Action, January
(Reference: Manav Mootra (Auto-Urine
Therapy) by Rojibhai Manibhai Patel –
Chapter VIII, Page 106-113).
In the above referred treatise auto-urine
therapy has been proved to be a panacea of
various types of incurable diseases like
Pulmonary tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis,
gland tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus,
gangrene, cancer, nephrites, heart diseases,
asthma, glaucoma, psoriasis, leprosy etc. etc.
DESAI. Saint Vinobha Bhave has also
endorsed this therapy in his address on 4-4-
Now, we shall summarize below the 'cases of
cancer cured by Auto-Urine Therapy'.
1. Cancer of the tongue:
Hashmukh G. Panwal a, 1676,
Sevakari Wadi, Khadia, Ahmedabad,
was cured of malignant tongue cancer
within a few months.
Similarly, in 1954, Shri Chhaganlal T.
Patel, Ahmedabad was cured of
tongue cancer.
2. Cancer of throat:
A Jain monk was cured of 'Throat
Cancer' by auto-urine therapy, in a
few months.
3. Cancer of the stomach:
3 year old boy Subhash S/o Shri
Mafatlal Chandulal Shah, Palanpur,
was cured of stomach cancer.
Several cases of cure of cancer of
tongue, stomach throat, lung and
womb have been narrated. From
pages 214 to 216, cases of cancer of
uterus, liver and vagina etc. have been
Yuva bharati - 37 - July 2013
(This article is dedicated to the
memory of many people who fell
Victims to Cancer.)
by DR. ELI G. JONES, M.D.; 2000
Pocket book series.
3. CANCE R - - - CAUS E S ,
by Dr. O.P. Jaggi; Orient Paper
Books 2000
Dr. S.P. Udayakumar, Ph.D; 2007
5. CANCER ----Curable under
Homepathic Treatment by Dr. P.S.
Kanthan; 2000
Manibhai Patel; 1997, Bharat
Sevak Samaj , Ahmedabad-1,
Phone No: 5356933.
7. S V A M U T R A – E K
Yuva bharati - 38 - July 2013
Shri M.G.S. Sankarji who was running the
Gowri Shankar Restaurant canteen in the
Vivekanandapuram campus for the past 27
years passed away in his sleep in his quarters
in the Kendra campus in the morning of
02.06.2013. He leaves behind three brothers,
sisters, and wife, a married daughter and a
grandson. Sankarji has just turned sixty a few
days back. The cremation took place at
Tirunelveli in the evening of 2.06.2013.
Son of well known social worker and MLA Shri
M.G. Sankar of Munanjipatti Tirunelveli
district, Sri Sankarji was a hotelior and an
organic farming enthusiast. He had great
respect for the Kendra and its work and
associ at ed hi msel f wi t h us on every
opportunity given to him. During the last
C h a n d i H o m a i n D e c 2 0 1 2 a t
Vivekanandapuram, he was one of the close
well-wishers honoured by the Kendra. Gentle,
deeply religious and sincerely friendly Sri
Sankarji will be missed by visitors to the
Kanyakumari Campus and Kendra workers.
Our Shraddhanjali.
Sri Sudhir Kumar Nandiji (born 17.11.1917)
who served the Kendra “Arise Awake”
exhibition sincerely from 1980 onwards
passed away due to long days of age related
illness on 17.06.2013 at Vivekanandapuram.
He died in his sleep. It was the annual day of
the Ganesha Temple and the body was
cremated at Kottaram the same day. The
temple pujas were resumed after proper
A hard working, sincere and learned karma
yogi Nandiji had a troubled early life. He lost
his mother in Bengal when he was two years
old and his father passed away when Nandiji
was ten years old. He did hard manual work at
Calcutta harbour and a captain of a ship
admiring this hard working lad took him to
Engl and f or educat i on i n commerce,
accounting and homoeopathy.
He returned to India and joined the accounting
and auditing wing of ordnance factory and
served there unti l hi s reti rement. He
developed spiritual interest through his
association with Yogoda satsang, Aurobindo
Ashram and the Divine life society. Of course
Seva was his first love and he practised Seva
without any expectation of return.
After retirement he was in charge of a printing
press in Dhaka, and in 1980 he joined in
Vivekananda Kendra. Shri Eknathji assigned
Shri M.G.S. Sankarji
Yuva bharati - 39 - July 2013
him work in the “Arise Awake” Exhibition, a
duty which he discharged with an amazing
He was always in time for his work come rain
or shine. He would wait patiently for the last
visitor to the exhibition to clear out, never
goading the visitor at the closing time. Then he
would return to his room, take his bath, and
finish his prayers before lunch some time as
late as 2.00 pm. Same was the case in the night.
When age caught up with him, the Kendra
elders told him that he has earned his rest and
retirement but Nandiji loved his duty so much
that he would slowly walk all the way to his
post, gently refusing a lift by a passing vehicle.
His generosity, love of studies, sincere practise
of homeopathy was object lessons to any social
All the people around were amazed when at
the age of 94 he enrolled himself for a
computer course at an institute at Kendra
Main gate.
“May God bless you” was the constant
benediction he would bestow to numerous
visitors, school students going for their
examinations and co-workers. A true yogi has
rested and a voice of benevolence has fallen
silent. The serving hand that has distributed
medicines to so many suffering patients has
completed its job.
Our Shraddhanjali.
Sri Sudhir Kumar Nandiji
Yuva bharati - 40 - July 2013
Once more the world must be conquered by
India. This is the dream of my life… This is the
great ideal before us, and every one must be
ready for it –the conquest of the whole world by
India –nothing less than that, and we must all
get ready for it, strain every nerve for it…
Yuva bharati - 41 - July 2013
Yuva bharati - 42 - July 2013
Yuva bharati - 43 - July 2013
Yuva bharati - 44 - July 2013

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