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Bhagavad gita

Gita - The Perfect Script

The Bhagavat Gita is the perfect script for the beautiful “drama of human transformation” – transformation from the most miserable plight to the most glorious consummation. Arjuna is the hero in this drama. Lord Krishna the scriptwriter has in his own masterly manner leads Arjuna by the hand from a situation of abject cowardice to the high stage of a victorious conqueror. Arjuna is only incidental. All of us are Arjunas in the battlefield of Kurushetra which our life actually is.

published date: 
Mon, 06/01/2009
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Gita The Text Forever

Justice S N Srivastava of the Allahabad High Court caused a flutter recently by asking the Bhagavad Gita to be declared the ‘Rashtriya Dharma Shastra’. The so-called secular camp was confounded. How could a religious book be made a national text? That too, a book of Hindus! ‘So-called’ secularist - because for them secularism means not equal respect to all religions and appreciation of all that from each religion which is good for humanity but for them secularism means denial of all that is Hindu.

published date: 
Sat, 12/01/2007
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